Laos: Anti-HIV/AIDS campaign reviewed

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(KPL) Over 20 journalists of broadcast media and newspapers attended a workshop on anti-HIV/AIDS efforts by the media and the HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Prevention Centre over the last one year.

  The meeting held at the Lao Women's Union, in Vientiane Capital drew the attendance of Deputy Head of HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention Centre, Dr. Chanthone Khamsibounheuang.

  Dr. Chanthone said that the workshop was very important to review the implementation of the HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted disease prevention over the last one year and set new plan for the year to come.

  Over the last one year, we advertised condom use and danger of HIV/AIDS for target groups mainly homosexuals, prostitutes and sex buyers through newspapers, TVs, radios and brochures.

  In addition, we held training-of-trainers course on same sex relations among men and condom use.

  The participants of the two-day workshop learned the role of the Lao media in publicizing anti-HIV/AIDS campaign.