Lesson learned on HIV/AIDS prevention among street children in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Thailand's development has progressed considerably mainly due to the spread of capitalism. It has negative impacts on Thai society, especially families, which are the smallest unit in the society. A great number of families are being unavoidably affected, and family members are struggling to make a living in order to survive in society, and to keep pace with the expansion of consumerism which has become more fiercely competitive. Children and young people are increasingly more vulnerable, because their parents do not have tine to look after them or their parents have marriage problems, which eventually lead to divorces. As a result, children do not want to stay home, and decide to run away from home and wander around

It is estimated that Thailand has more than 30,000 homeless children.

 Chiang Mai is Thailand's 2nd largest city, and it is affected by impacts of capitalism as well. The fact that Chiang Mai is promoted as a tourist city has attracted those living in other provinces including homeless children to migrate to Chiang Mai. In addition, indigenous people living on the mountain or along the border are also migrating to Chiang Mai in hope to get a job. Children have been exploited by adults to make money; such as begging for money, selling flower or souvenirs to both Thai and foreign tourists. This can be seen at night on the street.

Volunteers for Children Development Foundation(VCDF), a Chiang Mai-based non-profit organization produced a video presenting the living condition of homeless children in Chiang Mai and the HIV infection among them, in order to raise the awareness of the promotion and protection of homeless children in Thailand.

Watch the video: http://vimeo.com/14732061

Organization: Volunteers for Children Development Foundation(VCDF)



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