WAPN+ Regional Treatment Literacy & Advocacy Training Report

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  WAPN+ facilitated a treatment literacy and advocacy training forum in Bangkok, Thailand, at the end of September 2010. The training was attended by 22 participants from 13 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

  Treatment literacy can be defined as understanding HIV/AIDS and all aspects of antiretroviral therapy (ART), including types of ARV drugs, how they work, ARV side effects, treatment adherence, HIV drug resistance and other issues. Treatment literacy is essential to ensuring that people living with HIV are well informed and in a position to participate more actively in treatment, including communicating treatment needs to health care providers.  It is also important to have the knowledge and capacity to hold governments accountable and to ensure they improve the quality and accessibility of health services and the quality of ARV treatment.

The attached report provides a full account of the 3 day forum.

Organization: APN+

Weblink: http://www.apnplus.org/main/Index.php?module=news&news=64



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